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Keep a look out for scam websites.

Be careful of scam websites.

Be cautious of the sites that you visit. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake websites out there that mirror real big name sites.  Some thing to look out for is typos in the URL of the site. Example: (scam site) – (real site). These sites will encourage you to participate in a survey and offer you a free gift, you just have to enter your credit or debit card number in to pay for shipping. Before you know it; you will see multiple fraudulent charges on your account. Keep on eye on your bank and credit card statements. For your Pinnacle account, we encourage you to download our Mobile Bank App and Mobi Money App. With our Mobile app, you can view your account, including pending transactions, make transfers and more. Mobi Money allows you to turn your debit card on and off, set transaction limits, get account alerts and so much more.