Fraud Center

Feel secure knowing that we are here to help protect you!

Your card is protected and monitored:

  • VISA® Zero Liability. You are protected from unauthorized charges. If any funds are taken from your account due to fraudulent use of your card, you will be refunded that money.
  • 24 Hour Fraud Monitoring. Our ATM/Debit Fraud Center uses industry-leading technology to help prevent account fraud. If an ATM transaction or debit card purchase looks suspicious, we’ll call you to verify that the card is being used by you. If we are unable to reach you, our Fraud Department may send you a text alert.

What is the difference between a Merchant and Fraudulent Dispute?

Merchant Disputes

A merchant dispute is where you or an authorized person to use the card  have participated in the transaction with the merchant, but now there is a problem with the billing of the transaction, the item or service represented by the transaction. This includes trial memberships.

In all cases you must have at least attempted to resolve this with the merchant. Most merchants will want to work with you to resolve this issue, so they can keep you as a customer. If you are unable to locate how to contact the merchant check your statements, the phone number might be listed next to the transaction.

Fraudulent Disputes

A fraudulent dispute is where you or an authorized person to use the card never participated in the transaction with the merchant. This means you did not provide any of the card information to the merchant at any time, not even for age verification purposes.

Before you report the fraudulent charge, make sure you do not recognize the dollar amount. Some merchants use a third party billing agency for their card transactions, so while the dollar amount sounds familiar the name may not. Fraud is defined as any transaction not authorized by the debit cardholder and completed unbeknownst to them cardholder.


What if I have a fraudulent or merchant dispute? What do I do?

  • Step 1: Confirm with any other cardholders on the account that the transaction in question was not authorized by them. If it was a merchant dispute, such as a qualify of service issue or a issue with billing, you must first try to resolve the issue with the merchant.
  • Step 2: Contact the Credit Union at the following numbers below to freeze your card. This will stop any further unauthorized transactions from posting to your account.
    • During business hours, call one of our Plastic Card Specialists at (732) 225-1505 ext. 297
    • Lost/Stolen Pinnacle Debit or ATM Card: (800) 528-2273
    • Lost/Stolen Debit or ATM Card outside the U.S. call collect: (812) 647-9794
  • Step 3: We will provide you with a Dispute packet to be completed. A police report may be required.
  • Step 4: Once we receive the completed dispute packet back, we will than provisional credit your account for the amount of the transaction in question.