Reverse Mortgage

Making your home work for you.

You spent years paying into your home – now put that equity to work for you.

A reverse mortgage allows homeowners age 62 and older to convert part of the equity in their homes into tax-free income you can use for whatever you wish. A reverse mortgage earned its name because the payment stream is “reversed.” Instead of making monthly payments to a lender, a lender makes payments to you! There is no monthly mortgage payment required, and you will not be required to sell your home, give up the title or owe more than what your home is worth. Plus, there are many payment disbursement options to fit your needs.

An independent counselor will help determine if a reverse mortgage is right for you.

For more information or determine if a Reverse Mortgage is right for you, contact one of our Reverse Mortgage Specialists at 732-225-1505 or email us at

*The amount of funds that a person is eligible for depends on his/her age, the value of the home, the interest rate and upfront costs. The youngest homeowner must be at least 62 years old. Homeowner(s) will be required to work with an independent counselor to evaluate all of the risks and benefits of a reverse mortgage. The property used as collateral for the reverse mortgages must be the primary residence. Vacation home and investor properties do not qualify. Homeowner(s) must remain current on their real estate taxes, homeowners insurance and other mandatory obligations, including condominium fees, or you are susceptible to default. Homeowner(s) is responsible for completing mandatory repairs and maintaining the condition of the property. When a reverse mortgage becomes due and payable a result of the borrower’s death and the property is conveyed by will or operation of law to the estate or heirs (including a surviving spouse who is not on the title and therefore not obligated on the note) that party (or parties, if multiple heirs) may satisfy the debt by paying the lesser of the mortgage balance or 95% of the current appraised value of the property. Pinnacle Federal Credit Union is an equal opportunity lender. NMLS# 423010. Please contact one of our reverse mortgage representatives for any fees or upfront costs.