Business Checking

We are here to help make your checking needs easy for you to manage with our Business Checking Account giving your more time to focus on your business.

Business Checking

Enjoy the convenience of a VISA Debit Card, with access to over 30,000 FREE ATM Nationwide.

MobiMoney Debit Controls

Protect your money and stay in control with MobiMoney. Pinnacle’s all-new MobiMoney app allows you to control and manage your debit accounts, turn cards on and off, get transaction alerts, monitor fraud – even control who uses your accounts and how much they can spend – all from your phone. use it in conjunction with our Global Security Chip Card for even more security and convenience. How cool is that?

  • Card On/Off Turn your Pinnacle debit card on and off with a single touch. When the card is off, all transactions will be declined. Change the status instantly with the MobiMoney App.
  • Transaction Types Enable or disable specific purchases by merchant or transaction type
  • Location – Limit transactions to an area or region, including international transactions
  • Alerts – Location, spend limit, transaction type and merchant alerts available. Get an instant notification when a transaction is processed with your debit card.
  • Debit Users – Control who uses your card and how much they can spend

Download our MobiMoney App today.

Global Security Chip Card

Our Global Security Chip Card is our VISA debit card with a traditional magnetic strip and an embedded microchip for added security.The embedded microchip provides an added layer of security when used at chip-enabled ATMs and terminals. The embedded microchip provides unique data specific to your card and the transaction being processed every time you use it at chip-enabled ATMs or terminals. So, you are better protected from financial criminals.

Protecting you and your information. Take comfort that Pinnacle is taking steps to ensure your information is safely guarded. Our new Global Security Chip Card uses the most recent and advanced technology to help keep your personal account information safe. You are protected from unauthorized charges with VISA Zero Liability. Our 24 hour ATM/Debit Fraud Monitoring Center uses industry-leading technology to help prevent account fraud or loss. To contact you quickly, our Monitoring Center may send you a text alert.

Learn more about our Global Security Chip Card.

ATM Access

As a Pinnacle FCU ATM or Debit cardholder, you have access to over 30,000 FREE ATMs nationwide with our ATM CO-OP Network.The CO-OP ATM Network provides you with Savings, Convenience, Variety and Full Service Assistance.

Find Free ATMS

Download the free ATM Locator App: iPhone or Android

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With nearly 30,000 CO-OP ATM network locations nationwide, 9,000+ which are deposit-taking, you are never far from your money when you need it. Convenience is KEY in your busy life and we’ve got you covered.

By using one of the nearly 30,000 ATMs in the CO-OP ATM network, you can benefit from “surcharge-free” transactions. Even if you are not present at one of our ATM locations, you can still use an in-network terminal and avoid the fees. Simply put: Keep your cash in your pocket, where it counts.

Aside from the thousands of credit union ATM locations, you can get cash at many popular retail locations such as Walgreens, Costco® and 7-Eleven®. So when you are out and about, entertaining a busy day’s schedule, your trusted CO-OP ATM network is never far from reach.

If you prefer to have that “personal, face-to-face” interaction of customer service, our full-service, branch network locations have you covered.


Visit the nearest branch to open your business account.

* A monthly maintenance fee of $10 will be waived with an average daily balance of $300 or more. Pinnacle FCU is federally insured by the NCUA.  Fees may reduce earnings.