Sprint Discount

The BENefits of credit union membership and the reliability of Sprint’s network will have you seeing dollars signs. Right now, Pinnacle FCU members can get a $100 CASH REWARD for every new line you activate with Sprint®. Plus, get a $50 loyalty cash reward every year for every line.


  • $100 for every new line you activate with Sprint.
  • Current Sprint customers receive a $50 cash reward for every
    line transferred into Sprint Credit Union Member Cash Rewards.
  • A $50 loyalty cash reward every year for every line.
  • 25% off accessories in storewith the Sprint Credit Union Member
    Cash Rewards Program.


How to get it:

  1. Become a Sprint customer and mention
    you’re a credit union member.
  2. Register at LoveMyCreditUnion.org/SprintRewards
  3. Allow up to six to eight weeks to see cash rewards directly deposited into your credit
    union account.


Stay connected:

Visit LoveMyCreditUnion.org/Ben to
learn about theBENefits you’ll enjoy
with Sprint’s best Credit Union Member
Cash Rewards EVER!


$50 Loyalty Cash Reward: Members can earn one $50 cash reward annually when Sprint acct. remains active and in good standing for 1 yr. Max. 15 lines. Cash Reward: Cash Reward issued by CU Solutions Group. Allow 6-8 wks. for Cash Reward to be deposited to your Credit Union acct. If the Cash Reward does not appear after 8 wks., visit lovemycreditunion.org/sprintrewards & click on “Cash Rewards Tracker”.

Other Terms: Offers/coverage not avail. everywhere or for all phones/networks. May not be combinable with other offers. Offer, terms, restrictions, & options subject to change & may be modified, discontinued, or terminated at any time without notice. Restrictions apply. © 2017 Sprint. All rights reserved. Sprint & the logo are trademarks of Sprint. Other marks are the property of their respective owners. New accounts must register at lovemycreditunion.org/sprintrewards within 30 days of new line activation(s) to receive $100 cash reward per new line(s).